Van Ness Schedule

Come to school on time! The instructional day begins at 8:45 AM (enter the building at 8:40 to be in class by 8:45). Students not attending Springboard may arrive at 8:25 AM for breakfast in the classroom. If you come after 8:45 AM, stop at the main office for a tardy slip. School dismissal is 3:15 PM.


Regular school attendance is critical for academic success. It is our goal that all students attend school regularly and on-time.

DCPS Attendance Protocols

What is the school attendance law?

The District of Columbia Compulsory School Attendance Law 8- 247 and DC Municipal Regulations Title V Ch. 21 govern mandatory school attendance and the ways schools must respond when students are truant. The Compulsory School Attendance Law states that parents/guardians who fail to have their children attend school are subject to the following:
· Truancy charges may be filed against the student or parent
· Neglect charges may be filed against the parent
· Parents may be fined or jailed
· School-aged students may be picked up by law enforcement officers during school hours for suspected truancy
· Students may be referred to Court Diversion and other community based interventions
· Parents and students may be assigned community service and placed under court supervision/probation

What is truancy?

Truancy is the unexcused absence from school by a minor (5-17 years of age) with or without approval, parental knowledge, or consent.

Excused absences are when school-aged students are absent from school with a valid excuse and parental approval. Examples of excused absences include:
· Student illness (a doctor’s note is required if a student is absent for more than three days)
· Death in the student’s immediate family
· Necessity for a student to attend a judicial proceeding as a plaintiff, defendant, witness or juror
· Observance of a religious holiday
· Temporary school closings due to weather, unsafe conditions or other emergencies
· Medical reasons such as a doctor’s appointment (a doctor’s note is required)
· Emergency circumstances approved by the school

Unexcused absences are when school-aged students are absent from school without a valid excuse. Examples of unexcused absences include:
· Babysitting
· Doing errands
· Oversleeping
· Cutting classes
· Extended travel/vacation (domestic or international)

What happens if a student misses school?

· Parents of students with five (5) unexcused absences will be requested to participate in a truancy conference
· Parents of students with ten (10) total absences – excused or unexcused–will be requested to participate in an attendance conference
· Students ages 5-13 with ten (10) unexcused absences will be referred to the Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) for suspected educational neglect

When a student is absent from school a note or medical slip should be sent to Ms. Ferrier in the main office. You may also send an e-mail to The note should include the date(s) of the absence and the reason. Student absences without notes will be marked unexcused. Please note, that absences due to illness of more than 3 days requires a doctor's note.

School Forms

To enroll at Van Ness or for updated medical forms, download the forms at

School Lunch

Van Ness is a nut-free school. You can find the school menus at Payment can be made through Students are also welcome to bring their own (nut-free) lunch to school.

If your child has dietary restrictions, be sure to complete the request forms. You can find them at Email the forms to or turn them in to our main office and they will be submitted for you.


Springboard provides before and after care at Van Ness. Before-care is available from 7:00-8:25 AM. After-care is available from 3:15-6:00 PM. Enroll your child in Springboard before or after care at Please see the Springboard website for information on enrichments offered during the school year.